Pre Order the New Album!

To pre-order the new album go to our bandcamp page:
Release date: 16th February 2015

Album Review from Fatea Magazine:
“”Escape From Clinch Mountain” represents their first full length album and upon hearing it you realise that it’s something that you hadn’t realised that you had been missing, it’s an album that immediately makes its self at home, pulls a chair up to the kitchen table, pours two fingers of whiskey and starts to regale you with fascinating tales… Actually there’s something of the pioneer/adventurer about the album, it does have a wild feel to it, a real sense of freedom and whilst it draws on folk traditions it uses them to inspire and create a sound that is The Bara Bara Band.”

Album review from FolkWords:
“‘Escape from Clinch Mountain’ does nothing by halves, no insipid middle-road here, this is trademark Bara Bara Band music. Taking its diversity totally under control, it ranges comfortably between innovative old-time Americana to slightly psychedelia-tinged British folk.”

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